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How to Add AutoHiding Social Bookmarking (Sharing is Sexy/Caring) Widget To Your Blog


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By installing the widget "sharing is sexy", so your post or article will mate quickly spread and your blog will be to famous at social bookmarks sites automatically. That is a gathering of bloggers around the world. But it must be with a record of the contents of interesting content, and your must register on the social bookmarking site, so you can instantly share without waiting for visitors who click your blog sharing by the widget.

Adding Social Bookmarking widget is one of the blogging tricks which will indirectly increase the popularity of our blog. Visitors blog will be very easy to send our blog articles to various Social Bookmarking sites, like Facebook, Stumble Upon, Digg, and others. Now there has been much Social Bookmarking widgets for Blogger by script html.

Sharing is Sexy image

To add this widget to your blog, follow these instructions:

Step 1:
Log in to Blogger, go to Layout -> Edit HTML and mark the "Expand Widget Templates" box.

Step 2:
Now find (CTRL+F) this in the code:


And immediately BEFORE/ABOVE it, paste this code:

<style type='text/css'> {
background:url('') no-repeat left bottom;
} {
background:url('') no-repeat right bottom;
} ul.socials {
margin:0 !important;
padding:0 !important;
} ul.socials li {
display:inline-block !important;
float:left !important;
list-style-type:none !important;
margin:0 !important;
height:29px !important;
width:48px !important;
cursor:pointer !important;
padding:0 !important;
} ul.socials a {
display:block !important;
width:48px !important;
height:29px !important;
font-size:0 !important;
color:transparent !important;

.beauty-furl, .beauty-furl:hover, .beauty-digg, .beauty-digg:hover, .beauty-reddit, .beauty-reddit:hover, .beauty-stumble, .beauty-stumble:hover, .beauty-delicious, .beauty-delicious:hover, .beauty-yahoo, .beauty-yahoo:hover, .beauty-blinklist, .beauty-blinklist:hover, .beauty-technorati, .beauty-technorati:hover, .beauty-facebook, .beauty-facebook:hover, .beauty-twitter, .beauty-twitter:hover, .beauty-myspace, .beauty-myspace:hover, .beauty-mixx, .beauty-mixx:hover, .beauty-script-style, .beauty-script-style:hover, .beauty-designfloat, .beauty-designfloat:hover, .beauty-syndicate, .beauty-syndicate:hover, .beauty-email, .beauty-email:hover {
background:url('') no-repeat !important;

.beauty-furl {
background-position:-300px top !important;
.beauty-furl:hover {
background-position:-300px bottom !important;
.beauty-digg {
background-position:-500px top !important;
.beauty-digg:hover {
background-position:-500px bottom !important;
.beauty-reddit {
background-position:-100px top !important;
.beauty-reddit:hover {
background-position:-100px bottom !important;
.beauty-stumble {
background-position:-50px top !important;
.beauty-stumble:hover {
background-position:-50px bottom !important;
.beauty-delicious {
background-position:left top !important;
.beauty-delicious:hover {
background-position:left bottom !important;
.beauty-yahoo {
background-position:-650px top !important;
.beauty-yahoo:hover {
background-position:-650px bottom !important;
.beauty-blinklist {
background-position:-600px top !important;
.beauty-blinklist:hover {
background-position:-600px bottom !important;
.beauty-technorati {
background-position:-700px top !important;
.beauty-technorati:hover {
background-position:-700px bottom !important;
.beauty-myspace {
background-position:-200px top !important;
.beauty-myspace:hover {
background-position:-200px bottom !important;
.beauty-twitter {
background-position:-350px top !important;
.beauty-twitter:hover {
background-position:-350px bottom !important;
.beauty-facebook {
background-position:-450px top !important;
.beauty-facebook:hover {
background-position:-450px bottom !important;
.beauty-mixx {
background-position:-250px top !important;
.beauty-mixx:hover {
background-position:-250px bottom !important;
.beauty-script-style {
background-position:-400px top !important;
.beauty-script-style:hover {
background-position:-400px bottom !important;
.beauty-designfloat {
background-position:-550px top !important;
.beauty-designfloat:hover {
background-position:-550px bottom !important;
.beauty-syndicate {
background-position:-150px top !important;
.beauty-syndicate:hover {
background-position:-150px bottom !important;
.beauty-email {
background-position:-753px top !important;
.beauty-email:hover {
background-position:-753px bottom !important;


Step 3:
Now find this in the code:


And BELOW/AFTER that, paste this code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<div class='beauty-bookmarks'>
<ul class='socials'>
<li class='beauty-delicious'><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<li class='beauty-digg'><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<li class='beauty-technorati'><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<li class='beauty-reddit'><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<li class='beauty-stumble'><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<li class='beauty-designfloat'><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<li class='beauty-facebook'><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<li class='beauty-twitter'><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<li class='beauty-furl'><a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<li class='beauty-syndicate'><a href='' title='Subscribe to RSS'/></li>
<li class='beauty-email'><a expr:href='&quot; mailto:?subject=&quot; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title' target='_blank'/></li>
<span class='beauty-rightside'/></div>

You may of course remove any button code, if you do not want to show it.

Now save the template.

That's it. Now just write some good posts worth bookmarking



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Worked perfectly!

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