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How To Create Autoblog / Blogs To Advertise Automated Or Auto Backlink Generator Blog


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What's autoblog?
Have you ever experienced or become victims of duplicate content from bloggers who are not responsible?
Duplicate content is meant is not a copy-paste, but re-capture and publish RSS unilaterally.

    * What is your reaction when you work hard to publish the article, and then you publish articles that appear on the blog someone else?
    * How the person can re-publish or post RSS from our blogs?
    * I think you already know what the effect will happen when autoblog person who has a higher pagerank than our blogs, right?
    * Then there any way to overcome this?

From the above questions, of course, you already know the description of what it autoblog.
Yup! Autoblog is a blog that can publish / post in automatic rss from other sites (the victim), only by using or subscribing to RSS blogs victims.

Autoblog for addressing this phenomenon is dependent on the attitude of ethics and professionalism in the world of blogging from ourselves each.

Autoblog be used for good things like;

        * Create autoblog to advertise services for free auto classifieds.
        * Create autoblog as automatic link exchange service or auto backlink generator, etc..

Then, if autoblog can be made by using blogspot? Sure can.
How? Are you interested?

Step How To Make Autoblog At Blogspot

This is one way to post via email automatically or all incoming email into our inbox will be published / posted automatically into our blog, we will create a new account or e-mail, but must use gmail, do not YahooMail or other reply.

   1. Make a new gmail account, not yahoo or other mail.
   2. After that, create a new blog, on blogspot bloggers of course.
   3. After a new blog, go to your new blog Dashboard and select Settings.

   4. Once in the Settings, choose the tab Email & Cell.

   5. Then, create a name email it to you later we will use to subscribe.
      The format will be like this: gmailaccount.youremail@, and select the option 'Publish emails immediately' or 'Publish emails immediately', and Save.
   6. After that, go to your new Gmail and select Settings.

   7. In this setting fields select Filters and then click Create Filter.

   8. Furthermore, the column To / Go, fill in the name of your new email and click 'Next Step'

   9. Furthermore, check the checkbox 'forward to', enter the name of an email from no.3 steps above, then click the form button 'Create Filter'

  10. It's finished, and you are now ready to hunt RSS for material you post.

Now, on every incoming message / inbox to your new email earlier, will be automatically posted on your new blog is, so use email to subscribe to only do things that are personal.

To enter RSS Blog articles
You can use the site
For example I enter the address of this blog RSS:
Enter a column on website URL and do not forget to enter your email then click Submit, too.

Creating Blog Auto / Autoblog To Services Advertise Auto Otomastis Or Baklik Generator

If you are interested in creating autoblog as a means of advertising and the auto install link exchange generator, can use the site, which will help you create forms for visitors.

So next time visitors to provide input data on the form, will be sent directly to our new email, which will automatically publish on our blog.

I hope this Helpful Info For You and the other person also!




Edwin's Personal Blog said...

This is a new know-how for me . Thank for sharing Mas Yusuf...

Salam kenal... ^_^

Kumpulan Sponsor dan Link said...

Titip Link ya...Indahnya bisa berbagi, salam hangat dari kami

Yuril said...

Nice Info.

Feturia said...


TabunganEkstra said...

bagus banget isi artikel sobat

zome said...

thax infonya sobat.
salam kenal...

moenas said...

nice post
sory brow ane gak ngarti bahasa english

putra said...

Nice post ..
Salam kenal .. :)

Edwin's Personal Blog said...

Halo Mas Sulthan apa kabar? Saya punya tag buat Mas Sulthan. Kalau berkenan diambil ya dan dikerjakan 'pr'-nya. Pliisss ^_^

!Rchymera! said...

Nice information my friend and i like this,always succes for you...:D

!Rchymera! said...

Nice post and information my friend,stand in good stead for me.

umuts said...

thank you

Bonthain said...

info yg amat berguna bg para BLOGGER...thankz sob

realnotreel said...

Nice info

feri said...

wahh mantap.. ku br tau ne caranya.. heheeehe makasih.. ;)

baqare said...

makasi infonya kang sulthan..

scients said...

jadi yg masuk email smua di post, jadi kalo emailnya bukan dari rss gimana tuh, misalnya email spam...bisa bahaya donk soalnya bisa ke posting

Erin Smith said...

very useful post.

Anonymous said...

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