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Meta Tags To Boost popularity of a site?


For the beginner blogger (like me who just a few months so bloggers, he he ...), usually not familiar with this meta tag, let alone almost any existing blog template does not include a meta tag to the HTML script. Whereas this meta tag helps search engines (search engines) to track (crawl) to our site, because the main function of the meta tag is to provide a kind of summary of a site to search engines so that search engines can be aware of the existence of a site simply by reading summarized (without having to read all of his data entry). And it is said, by adding this meta tag to boost the popularity of our site because search engines can easily index the site for us that (true or not, not yet know. Enunciated new bloggers, hehe ...).

There are three mandatory meta tag is in a site, namely:

* Robots, serves to inform search engines not to read certain pages on our site, such as the page exclusively for members only.
* Description (description), serves to inform search engines to track our site through this information without having to read the entire content.
* Keywords (keywords), serves to inform search engines to track our site through its keywords without having to read all of his data entry.

Now, how to make this meta tag? Here is an example of meta tags that you can copy:

<meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW;' name='robots' />
<meta content='Description site;' name='description' />
<meta content='Keywords Site;' name='keywords' />
<meta content='Your name;' name='author' />


* If the member does not want the content indexed FOLLOW then replace it with NOFOLLOW. And if you do not want your site indexed, replace it with content NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, so that search engines will not be able to find / crept. But do not be afraid, the site you can still open if you or someone you know to write the URL.
* Description site filled with content, such as:
"This blog is a collection of writings about the world of literature, whether in the form of poetry, short stories and other articles about literature."
Description or description of this site should be complete and not necessarily the same as the title description of the web / blog, which is usually short.
* Keywords Site completed site in accordance with the description of this site, for example:
"Literature, short stories, humorous short stories, poetry, love poetry, literary articles."
Note the word repeated! That will allow search engines to search by keyword. So if people look for more specifics, such as funny stories, then search engine will immediately pointed to our site. But remember, do not repeat words more than 3 times, because it might be considered spam by search engines.
* Author is filled with the creator's site, so if the name is sought through the search engine will display all the sites made.

So how do I put the meta tag is?

* Login first to blogger you.
* From the dashboard, select Layout, select Edit HTML.
* Copy this meta tag script (after editing according to your site).
* Place under <head> (located on top script), or if you have a blog title runs on the tab page you can put it under the script for the shortcut icon (favicon).
* Save after adding the meta tag.



kelirirenk said...

Nice info... artikel yang sangat bermanfaat.
Langsung ke "edt HTML" biar cepat terindex sama Robot

Muchlisin said...

Thank's for tips and information

Raini Munti said...

i have problem with my shoutbox temporary

bijak said...

Absolutely GREAT!!!!

langsung comot ya... ;)

sulthan yusuf said...

@kelirirenk : benar bro, siapa lambat dia tertinggal :)

@Muchlisin : you are welcome ;)

@Raini Munti : its oke ;)

@bijak : thanks :)

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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