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Opening Link In New Tab Page


Each put a link on one of the words / phrases in the post, if the word / phrase in the click it will close the tab of our blog page. It is very difficult if we want to go back to the old tab pages, we have to click the previous and wait for pages to load displacement while.
To overcome this, we can edit the link command so when we open (click) the link can move into a new tab page that the page we read that was not covered by it.

How to edit it quite easily, you can follow the following steps:.

* On the Edit Entries page, click Edit HTML.
* Find a word / phrase that has been given the link. For example like this:

<a href="">BLOG SulthanYusuf</a>

"Http://" is a link from the sentence BLOG SulthanYusuf.

*Add command target = "_blank" after the URL link, such as the following example:

<a href="" target="_blank">BLOG SulthanYusuf</a>

Target = "_blank" This is the command to open a new tab page. Apart from that command you can also use the command "up" or "new" to change the command "_blank".

Well, you finished. But you reply more attractive again in the link you are, for example by displaying the description of each link is designated by the mouse pointer, then you simply add the command title = "description" in the link, as an example:

<a href="" target="_blank" title="description">BLOG SulthanYusuf</a>

Replace the word "description" with the sentence you want.

Good luck!




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